The OneHeart Mission

Creating pathways out of poverty for those desiring to thrive.

The purpose of the OneHeart transformation campus is to elevate the human spirit and the spirit of the Rapid City community.

By providing transitional housing and co-locating a variety of services - from addiction and mental health counseling to life skills and job training - we can more efficiently, effectively and collectively help our neighbors without homes move into permanent housing and a better quality of life.

Our Vision is for OneHeart participants to become thriving citizens of our community upon graduation.





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"As they move through the system, OneHeart guests will feel empowered. So that's what needs to be done, is they need to feel that empowerment within themselves."

~ Bev Warne, Lakota Elder & Nurse Mentor at SDSU School of Nursing

The campus will offer person-centered, trauma-informed, recovery-oriented care; in return, each adult resident will be expected to create a self-directed income plan and housing plan and agree to live clean and sober.

"Something that we have been able to see, is there are so many people who are just one really bad hospital bill or one ugly divorce away from being homeless. And the working homeless is a very real thing - people that have jobs but don't have homes because of the cost of living."

~ Ben Klinkle, Downtown Rapid City Business Owner

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