Our Story


In 2018, KOTA Radio interviewed Charity Doyle about the latest on the OneHeart transformation campus.

The OneHeart campus was born out of a community initiative aimed at improving quality of life for all who call Rapid City home. From the earliest conversations about the project, Executive Director Charity Doyle spoke about the transformation campus as an opportunity to create a systemic shift in how the Rapid City community addresses poverty and housing insecurity. Rather than continuing to focus on treating the symptoms of poverty, OneHeart seeks to move people out of that situation entirely.

OneHeart evolved from concept to operating campus over four years with research, partner engagement, and site selection going back to 2017. The campus property was acquired in June 2019, renovations began in April 2020, and doors opened to the first program participants in January 2021.

The goal for OneHeart is to stabilize lives while boosting the local workforce. The goal for guests is that they have permanent housing and steady employment when they leave the campus. Long-term, if we break the cycle of poverty for families, we change lives for future generations.

“Knowing that I have somebody who believes in me and in what I’m doing and is willing to listen and provide credit to those things that I am working towards and understands where I’m at and what’s going on – it’s tremendous.”

~ OneHeart guest