We Love Our Donors!

"We are going to get back what we invest in. If we continue to invest in symptoms, we will continue to get symptoms and the underlying issues that display those symptoms... What we are doing is hard. It's not easy. But it's right because it's about investing in human beings."

~ Charity Doyle, OneHeart Executive Director

Philos (Love) + Anthropos (Main/Humanity) = Philanthropy

Philanthropy = Love of Humanity

Thank you for your interest in donating to OneHeart! We have several donation options for you below to choose the best option that fits you! Your gift will help support our mission to empower self-directed lives for all who desire to thrive. Your tax-deductible financial and in-kind contributions, support the programs and services of OneHeart.

Due to limited storage space, OneHeart does NOT accept donations of used clothing or household items.
We encourage you to make such donations to our provider partners who accept them.


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When you give to OneHeart's Transformation Programming, you further guests' conversion from a life of poverty to a future of self-sustainability and boost OneHeart's workforce development efforts.

When you support Life Safety & Residential Support, you keep guests safe and provide them with shelter, food, WiFi, laundry facilities, and other basic needs.

When you support OneHeart's Transportation Program, you assist guests in getting to and from work, school, and other services that are integral to the transformation process.

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Help us by purchasing a gift from our "Wish List!"

A personalized, welcome gift basket will be placed in each room as new guests arrive to help ease their transition to campus. OneHeart staff works with referral partners to help create a customized experience so everyone down to our youngest guest, has something special waiting for them, along with some household essentials, to start their healing journey.


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