Success Stories

*Names have been changed to protect guests' identities.

Kim* was referred to OneHeart by Working Against Violence, Inc., where she sought help after leaving an abusive relationship. She was employed, but not in a full-time position. While on campus, Kim received food, shelter, and support from OneHeart staff, counseling for her trauma from a partnering agency, and childcare and occupational therapy for her child through the YMCA and Black Hills Pediatrics, respectively. Her OneHeart Care Coordinator served as the point person for the team of people who helped and supported her through her journey. When she graduated from the OneHeart program in July 2021, she had a place to live, a full-time job, a savings account for the first time in her life, and a consistent childcare provider.

"It was incredibly heartwarming to hear her say that she would never have pursued the things she is doing if not for the environment OneHeart gave her to heal from the past and focus on her future... but at the end of the day, it all came down to her motivation and drive." ~ Care Coordinator Ashleigh Young on Kim's graduation from OneHeart

"If OneHeart wasn't here, I probably wouldn't have done half of the things that I have already been able to do!

~ OneHeart guest

Elise* moved to OneHeart in July 2021. Prior to that, her adult life included battles with anxiety, depression, drugs, and alcohol. She added a DUI conviction to her existing criminal record in 2020. Without a home and knowing she could not successfully complete probation living on the street, she requested prison time when she appeared in court for her resentencing. The judge denied her request. Fast-forward through a stay at the county's Care Campus, another relapse, and time in a homeless shelter to the summer of 2021, when a counselor and provider partner referred Elise to OneHeart believing she would be a good fit for the program. These days, Elise is sober, employed, working to pay of debts and obtain her driver's license, and eyeing a return to school to learn a new skill in the healthcare field.

"I've never felt more independent than I do right now."

~ OneHeart guest

Cooper* joined the campus community in August 2021. After spending a few months in treatment for drug use, he considered moving in with family. He learned about OneHeart from a referral partner, and he and his family agreed it offered the kind of structure he needed. Cooper describes the OneHeart campus as "safe," "secure," and "comfortable." Like Elise, he has a long list of goals. Maintaining his sobriety tops that list, followed by educational aspirations and financial security, among others. Long-term, he wants to be self-sufficient and, therefore, not a resident of OneHeart. Until then, he is making the most of his time on the OneHeart campus.

"Some of the goals I have now aren't the same as they were a month-and-a-half ago because so much has changed that I was unaware was going to change - in a good way. I thoroughly enjoy being here. I enjoy coming home. That's what I refer to it as now - it's 'home' for me."

~ OneHeart guest