“Knowing that I have somebody who believes in me and in what I’m doing and is willing to listen and provide credit to those things that I am working towards and understands where I’m at and what’s going on – it’s tremendous.”

~OneHeart guest, expressing appreciation for OneHeart Care Coordinator



    Intensive mentorship and guidance for OneHeart guests as they work through challenges and navigate the steps necessary to rebuild their lives.


    Transitional housing, 24/7 security, and additional guest support.


    A 10-passenger van and dedicated driver to assist program participants in obtaining and maintaining employment, getting to and from school, and keeping off-campus appointments.


Members of OneHeart's Transformation Department - affectionately referred to on campus as "The Transformers" - have varied backgrounds, professional experiences, and personal interests, but they all share a passion for helping people, and they unite under OneHeart's mission to create pathways out of poverty for those desiring to thrive.

Transformation Director Chad Ratigan is at the helm, with Care Coordinators serving as “point persons” for OneHeart guests as they navigate their self-directed plans to move out of poverty and into permanent housing and more self-sufficient lives. In addition, Care Coordinators work with the provider partners who also offer their services to OneHeart guests.

"Our guests are extremely thankful knowing that they don't have to worry about negative influences or past abusers being able to get on campus. This means they can come out of crisis mode and start focusing on their goals and put themselves and their family first. A guest told me that not having to look over her shoulder all the time was a great feeling."

~ Chad Ratigan, OneHeart's Transformation Director

Life Safety & Residential Services

LSRS is charged with keeping the campus secure, but – perhaps more important – team members
contribute to the supportive environment OneHeart aims to create for guests.

"The relief of knowing I don't have to worry about being late to work anymore has made my life so much easier and has taken a lot of stress off my shoulders, which has helped me to be able to get everything else that I have going on done."

~Guest who utilizes OneHeart's Transportation Program


With a 10-passenger van and full-time driver,
OneHeart’s Transportation Program assists guests in obtaining and maintaining employment, getting to and from school, and making
off-campus appointments when other transportation options are
not reliable or available.

How to Enroll at OneHeart

If you are looking to refer someone you believe would be a good fit for OneHeart, please see our "How to Enroll" page.